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The Shield Reunion SummerSlam 2017

IT is Official that The Shield Reunion is happening. it is just a matter of time now but you all will be watching The Shield in SummerSlam 2017. It is one of the best story line build so far by WWE.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are clearly headed for a shot at Sheamus and Cesaro’s Raw tag-team titles at Barclays Center on Aug. 20 – once they finally agree to fight as partners.

It started with Ambrose and Rollins beating Miz and the Miztourage three weeks ago. There was a short, low-key acknowledgement between the two, but Ambrose refused to join Rollins in the Shield’s celebratory fistbump.

Ambrose came to Rollins’ aid two weeks ago and told him it was a one-time thing. Ambrose is still not ready to trust him, and Rollins’ frustration hit its peak on Monday’s episode of “Raw.”

Ambrose stayed in the back this time as Rollins was pummeled by Sheamus and Cesaro. Rollins did answer the call when Ambrose was getting beaten by the tag champ later in the night.

This time it was Ambrose who put out his fist. Rollins clenched his jaw, shook his head and left with Ambrose’s arm still extended.

You understand each man’s side and why they’re acting the way they are. It has built a rare anticipation for the special moment when they finally touch fists and make up.

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